Greetings everyone. So over the weekend I took in a pc for a simple upgrade.

Specs: p4 celeron 2.5ghz, 256mb ram, 80gig HDD

I have tried to work with this pc in the past and it is painfully slow…

So I left it for a day, thinking this is a simple RAM upgrade.

So I pop the hood to switch out ram module with a spare 1gig dimm but Noooooooo mobo only support ddr1 by looking at current RAM.

Ok let’s swap out hdd with another machine, new mobo, new RAM, new cpu. Should be awesome…

No, seems the install of xp is not compatible with new hardware only restarts on normal and safe mode.

Ok let’s try HDD in old pc to check I have not corrupt windoze, good good boots up back to normal…

So after trying all my spare pc’s with this HDD nothing happening. I do find a 512mb ddr1 dimm

Try that with original mobo but not going. Getting the dreaded long beep, which means ram module not placed properly or not functioning. I try cmos reset only to find that on this mobo you need to physically short the contacts(this range gigabyte 8vm533m-rz, does not have pins) manage to reset even get the RAM to display but system hangs at bios.

For the last hour I have been trying to start machine with original 256mb RAM but still getting ram long beep error. Its 4am in the morning, I’m frustrated and starting to see double.

Next step is to dissemble mobo(again) take it to petrol station and give it a power clean.

This dam mobo is possessed! Works when it wants to.

Older machines = nothing simple!