4am! Passion does not sleep! Current state of affairs – orginal pc does not boot, long beep code, ram modules.

Xp install in another pc only crashes.

Need to pull out the big guns: GOOGLE

I always say, “ask the right question and you get the right answers…”

So I google “win xp different motherboard”

Found a blog post in which it has a detailed instructions on how to prepare your windows before migration. All good and well, simple solution too, set all drivers to generic but I did not have working original pc

Panic started building again but I put that away for asking more questions to google, four hours later I managed to successfully repair windows but only after disabling most onboard devices.

Final step, load pc’s drivers and return to client.

Drivers? Board clearly shows gigabyte 8vm533-rz but detects as a sis board.

Currently I am downloading drivers.
Once drivers are installed and working, will need to repair outlook express. Almost done.

Will return with my notes.

Network still not working! But I can ping the router successfully but nothing. I can even tracert http://www.google.com

Back to google.

Did some quick reading, figured it may be antivirus, disabled inbuilt firewall and L patel it works!

Now only outlook to fix cause currently it gives me an error but again the great google tells me that since I upgraded from home to professional, I need to install a service pack and restart.

Currently waiting for service pack to complete downloading.

Almost there.u

Net connection working
Outlook working
Client is happy!