My current job. Specs unknown. Client claims there is a virus problem.

Let’s boot up and see…

swar's pc

swar’s pc

So I currently have a, logonui.exe error with a memory reference at “0x005e066f” click ok and it just pops back.

In my experience, usually some kind of malware attaches it self to important windows system files and processors and eventually corrupts it.

Ok let’s try safe mode and work from there…

Safe mode over slow with 256mb ram, maybe ill swap in a 2gb dimm.

Boot into hiren usb. Let’s try kerpasky boot image. How? No go, getting some error. Nevermind, let’s try mini xp, haibo, not enough ram to load programs.

2gb dimm swap in, how not working. Looks like this board only support certain type of ddr2 ram 400mhz, dig dig minutes I find a 512mb dimm ddr2 400mhz. Swap it in, presto!

Kerpasky still no go but mini xp works and currently running avira, off the bat its found like a trillion infections.

Will wait for this to complete, then spyware sweep, some system cleaning then hopefully boot back into windows then a sfc(system file checker) run but never days most likely will have to do a repair windows boot.

Till later

Repair windows boot! If ever it was that easy, turns out my install of xp pro is older than current machine’s xp home service pack2 so repair was a no go.

Well at least I can login now, for about 2min than the pc logs out and restarts. Must be some corrupt app,dll or driver that was infected then clened by deletion that is causing the system reset but should check logs?, errr will need to research into that.

Well by chance I had a win xp sp3 update cd at hand, booted into safe mode and 1 hour or maybe more I’m watching sp3 install(next time I’m putting in the other 512mb dimm:(

Still watching sp3, “performing cleanup”