Had to put the fix for free campaign on the bottom shelf for now as I need to focus on real work.

Had a previous upgrade job returned, symptoms: windows freezing, during post 80gig ide drive not detecting. Advised the client that the drive is well over 10 years old and in my experience its time to retire the drive. Cloned drive using clone hd pro, must say extremely fast compared to a 250gig drive clone using another app. Cloned from a 80gig ide to 200gig sata, no hitches. Booted cloned drive, everything worked fine and returned to client. All in all 30 minutes.

Have a pesky feeling that windows will still continue to freeze, even thou I have upgraded and installed sp2 to correct the outlook error(read previous post)

On a side note, my mind is only filled with well wishes for my grand dad, love you thatha!