Its been awhile but I have been very busy with life nontheless my current project centers around a question, how do I make installing applications in a network environment automated? So the only access to a network I have is limited, a few hours daily, so what I have done is setup a win2008 server at home. I have completed the install and basically I can remember from previous experience that I need active directory and group policies. So i kinda setup something, currently I need to play around with group policy management but more importantly I need to setup a PC with win XP and get to login in succesfully into my domain (finally got my grubby paws on batman : arkham asylum) and hopefully manage to get it to automatically install the apps I need. Till later…


So above is my test lab, on the right I got a 2.4gig dual core with 4gig ram running os: win server 2008 and the left a test client running a 3gig celeron with 512mb ram

Lessons or terms I learnt today: active directory, DNS server, domain name, group policies. So far I think I have successfully setup a domain, and DNS. Trying to fiddle with group policies but read somewhere that it is very dangerous. Not happy with test client as first it did not find domain but all I had to do was type in “arkham” but now it does not login to PC with domain users, even local login is freezing or not finding my computer error, will need to try on a fresh install, I am confident by the end of the week I should know enough to complete my task of automating application installs and other interesting management techniques.